Hello Everyone,

I am Sanglap Mitra, a beauty aficionado, based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I have been a long-term make up addict and to take my passion a step further I have started this blog.

I am 25 years old, a post-graduate in Botany from Calcutta University, married and currently started working as a Make up Artist! Yes, I know it sounds weird but I decided to take up my passion as my career. I come from a typical Bengali family and a true Bong at heart. We Bengalis have our own set of rules, culture, lifestyle and of course style quotient. So I will try to introduce my readers to the Typical Bong Things!


In my blog the main focus will be on different types of make up and beauty products along with occasional DIY skin or hair care. I will be posting product reviews as well as looks with all the possible detailing.

Skin type

I have combination skin. My skin is not sensitive and not allergic to any chemical substances.


I have medium to dusky complexion, for reference MAC NC41

Make up favourites

I immensely love smokey eyes. Apart from that I love bright-hued lip colours as well. Corals, pinks and reds are my favourites for lips. For eyes I like to experiment but neutrals are my all time favourite.

Disclaimer: Each and every view I place in the blog are completely personal unless stated otherwise. I share my personal experience in every review. What works for me may not work for others.